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'My Morning Song'


My Morning Song is a cross cultural musical and educational partnership between British and Vietnamese primary schools, based on Elgar’s Chanson de Matin. It will be running until the end of Feb 2022 and we are absolutely thrilled that it has won full funding from the British Council.

The project will see classes of primary schools in London and N.E. Scotland write their very own Morning songs in response to Elgar’s beautiful work, and exchange them with songs written by classes of children in Hanoi, Vietnam. The children will be communicating nearly 6000 miles across the world through the universal language of music; learning and appreciating more of each others' culture, as well as developing musically and engaging with multiple national curricula in both countries.

We are encouraged that the project will also partner with the VYMI - The Vietnamese Youth Music Institute (partner of the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra) and we are excited to provide training for musicians in the whole process, as well as the leading of workshops, to inspire future projects in the country.  Also planned is a recording of the beautiful work performed by Trang Trinh and Caroline Sharp!

We are so excited that as a result of the project, multiple resources will become available through the VYMI at end of Feb 2022 so schools in Vietnam will be able to write their own Morning Song for years to come.

“It is a dream come true for me to partner with Caroline Sharp to create a musical resource that will bring joy, cross-cultural understanding and music appreciation to children. I am amazed times and again about what is possible through music: communicating, sharing laughter and love 6000 miles across the world.” Trang Trinh 

“I am delighted that this project will not only allow children to develop musically and culturally, but facilitate cross-cultural communication and connection - something that we’ve all missed in the last few years.  I am also thrilled that through the resources produced, Vietnamese schools will be writing their own Morning Songs for years to come!” Caroline Sharp 

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